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Carmel Homes works with you, the customer, to provide custom home plans that suit your needs. Carmel Homes’ integrated "Design & Construct" approach open a range of possibilities for its customers. With its experienced Architects and Engineers, the team at Carmel Homes go above and beyond to guide each and every customer through their prospective project.  We work closely with a suite of elite Architectural Firms that we have developed close relationships with over the years in order to produce the best custom home plans for our customers.  


Whether you are a new developer looking to build units or apartments or a home owner looking to build their dream home, Carmel Homes will provide custom home plans to suit your needs and utilising the site’s capacity.  With over 35 years of experience in designing, planning, developing and building a suite of projects, from Luxury Homes to Luxury Apartments, we can fast-track your development while providing innovative ideas up-front in the project’s life-cycle. Why go through re-design when you can get your custom home plans right the first time round?


Custom home plans are the best approach to achieve both an aesthetically pleasing product and in order to maximise the potential of each property.  Having the reassurance of knowing an experienced team with a successful history and track record supporting the development and execution of your custom home plans is invaluable.  Every project is unique and we, at Carmel Homes, give each one the utmost attention and care. 


If you agree with this, contact us now.



1129 Toorak Road

1300 79 28 29

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