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The 8 Best Home Building Magazines for Australian Homeowners


When planning a new home build, it is important to find sources of inspiration. For some, this will come from hours spent online researching architectural trends and award-winning designs. For others, it will be weekends spent spotting interesting design features in neighbouring properties and throughout the suburb.
For us, one of the greatest sources of information and ideas continues to be the humble home building magazine. These carefully curated collections of industry updates, design trends, and feature properties provide such a wealth of knowledge. There is also something really special about being able to pore over a magazine’s glossy pages and beautiful pictures.
The good news is, when it comes to Australian home building magazines, we are spoilt for choice. Whatever your style or specific interest, you will be able to find something that caters to you. Here we share our picks for the top 8 publications we believe every homeowner should be checking out

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French Provincial



HOUSING, published by the home building industry’s official body, the Housing Industry Association (HIA), is one of the most respected publications around. It features a range of articles, covering everything from high-profile projects to key industry developments and figures. This magazine, which is put out four times a year, provides updates on the latest award recipients and new product developments.


While primarily targeted at those in the home building industry, HOUSING also provides plenty of interesting insight for homeowners planning a build. It is also a great source of information on leading building companies and emerging construction trends. There is even a section on business leadership and development, which contains useful advice for business owners from all backgrounds and industries.


Check out the HOUSING website for more information on this publication.

Melbourne Home Design + Living

Part services directory, part industry news source, Melbourne Home Design + Living provides an interesting mix of information. Specifically targeted at those who are building in Melbourne and the surrounding coastal areas, this online magazine is primarily designed to help connect homeowners with leading building companies. There are also editions for Queensland, Sydney, and Western Australia. As such, it features promotional pages for each listed business and showcases their previous projects.


There are also regular articles from local industry leaders. These pieces cover everything from the latest design trends to architectural advice and planning tips. While many of these articles come with a bit of a marketing spin, there is still plenty of useful insight to be gained.


Check out the Melbourne Home Design + Living website for more information on this publication.

Okay, so this is a blatant plug but we are very proud of our very own "Insights".  A collection of articles, tips and advice for those looking to build their dream home. Every week we add more and more insightful (do you see what we did there!) articles for you to enjoy so why not subscribe or read a few of the articles.

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Custom Homes Magazine


For those looking for a little more luxury, Custom Homes covers the highest end of the market. This publication, featuring a mix of project showcases and design advice, has everything the custom home builder could need. It also has specific sections for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, allowing you to check out the latest developments locally and across the country.


Available online and as a printed yearbook, Custom Homes is both aspirational and practical. It is the perfect source of inspiration for your own design and provides insight into getting the most from your custom build. It also has a luxury living section, covering everything from the latest in luxury getaways to art and high-end homewares.


Check out the Custom Homes Magazine website for more information on this publication.



Published by Architecture Media, Houses covers all aspects of modern home design. Put out every two months, it includes information on everything from floor plans and construction materials to fittings and furniture. It features articles on both renovations and new builds, as well as a variety of different property styles (everything from modest inner-city apartments to grand seaside estates).
We believe that this diversity of content makes Houses easily one of the country’s best home building publications. It is truly a one-stop shop for the latest on every aspect of your design and includes a great mix of both inspiration and advice.
Check out the Houses website for more information on this publication.

Grand Designs Australia

An extension of the extremely popular TV show, this magazine provides the story behind some of Australia’s best homes. Covering new builds, conversions, and renovations, each piece provides great insight into the triumphs and challenges of the project. It also looks at how our lifestyle both influences and is influenced by our home design.
Grand Designs Australia magazine, put out every two months, also features the practical details of each build. This can provide plenty of inspiration for material choices, colour palettes, and even floor plans. There is even information on the architects, designers, and tradespeople involved in each project.
Check out the Grand Designs Australia magazine overview site for more information on this publication.




BuildHome is targeted at people planning to build in the next 12 months and features information on a variety of builders. It was initially set up to provide homeowners with information about the build process and the types of homes available. Today, it continues this purpose, covering a wide range of new home types (custom, project, knockdown and rebuild, etc.).
Thanks to its practical focus, BuildHome provides real insight into what you could build. It also makes it easier to find, compare, and choose builders, providing details of their previous projects and current product range. There are also state-specific issues produced for Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.
Check out the BuildHome magazine overview site for more information on this publication.

Considering Resale Value When Designing Your New Melbourne Home >


Sanctuary: Modern Green Homes


If you are interested in maximising the sustainability of your build, Sanctuary is the publication for you. It features the latest in green and ethical building materials and technology, as well as advice on maximising climate resilience and minimising waste. It also explores how processes like prefabrication and modular construction can be used to increase building efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
Published quarterly, Sanctuary covers everything from fundamental design principles to fittings and furnishings. It also regularly features project showcases, industry updates, and even research findings.
Check out the Sanctuary website for more information on this publication.

Home Beautiful


While more focused on renovation and redecoration, Home Beautiful still provides plenty of inspiration for those planning a new home build. Published monthly, it includes tips on the latest design trends, colour palettes, and styling choices. It also offers practical advice on popular DIY projects and insight into managing renovation activities. 
Covering both indoor and outdoor spaces, we think Home Beautiful is one of the best general home design and décor magazines. It is particularly good for those who love entertaining, as it also features loads of recipes and party planning ideas.
Check out the Australian Home Beautiful website for more information on this publication.

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