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Love Where You Live? A Knockdown Rebuild Means You Can Stay

It is only natural to love where you live. Regardless of whether you have been there for decades or only a couple of months, it is your home. It is also the centre of your universe and the scene of many of the best moments of your life.

That is why considering moving away from your current location can be very tough. It is hard to leave behind your community and the support network you have built. Even small things, like the prospect of finding a new place for your morning coffee, can be difficult to face.

So, what do you do if your family outgrows your current home? Or if your current property is in serious need of renovation or repair?

You could look for a new home in the area, but you may not be able to find something suitable. Alternatively, you could plan a renovation or extension to give yourself the style and space you are after. But, depending on the state of your current home, you still may not end up with exactly what you want.

Or, if you want the best of both worlds, you could plan a knockdown rebuild project. Here we look at exactly what this involves and the potential benefits this could provide.

Why stay where you are?

There are many reasons you may not want to move from your current location. There is the sense of comfort and security that comes from the familiarity of your local area. There is also the stability that you feel once you have put down roots.

If you have been in the one place for a while, you will probably know most of your neighbours. You may have also made a few local friends who you can easily catch up with regularly. Moving to a new area would mean leaving these people behind and, in some instances, never seeing them again.

Chances are, you also have few favourite local spots you like to go to. This could be a picturesque park you regularly walk through, a café you often visit, or even just a preferred supermarket. While you are likely to find replacements for these in your new area, it can still be quite an adjustment.

And, if you have kids, moving to a new location may mean them needing to change schools. This is often quite a difficult experience for them, as they navigate finding a new routine and making new friends. You will also have a new school community to get to know and find your place in.

All in all, relocating can be quite an unsettling experience for your whole family. Almost every aspect of your daily life will be impacted in some way and require some rethinking. It also means saying goodbye to many of the things that have become an important part of your daily routine.

Get your dream home in your dream location

While you may want to stay where you are, there are also many reasons you might be considering moving. For example, your current home may no longer suit your lifestyle or provide the space your family now needs. Or it may require extensive updates to keep it liveable or renovations to make it fit with your personal style.

The good news is most of these issues can be addressed without you needing to move away from the location you love. A knockdown rebuild allows you to build a home that is perfectly suited to your needs with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

Once complete, a knockdown rebuild leaves you with a completely new home. This means an entirely new structure with all the architectural features you have always wanted – and none of the issues of your current home. It also means your choice of new finishes, fixtures, and fittings, in whatever design style you wish.

And all of this is built on your current block, within the location that you know so well. This means there is no need to get to know a new area and develop a new daily routine. You can continue living the way that you want, in a house that is truly tailored to ideal lifestyle.

How a knockdown rebuild works

As you may have guessed from the name, a knockdown rebuild project involves two distinct phases. First, your current home is knocked down and the block is cleared to make way for the construction team. Then, once the site is ready, your new home is built in its place.

While the process may sound fairly straightforward, it is actually quite complex and requires careful management to get right. As such, it is worth engaging an experienced knockdown rebuild builder, like Carmel Homes, to guide you through the process. Such a company can help you with everything from planning and managing the timeline to refining your new home design.

In fact, choosing your builder should be one of the first things you do. As experts in the knockdown rebuild process, they will know what can be achieved and what to watch out for. They should also be able to suggest creative ways to bring your dream home to life.

Unlike with a renovation or extension, a knockdown rebuild lets you start your design with a clean slate. This means you do not need to take the structure of your existing home into consideration in your new plans. It also means you are free to come up with a design specifically tailored to your unique requirements.

That said, there are a few things you will need to be conscious of when developing your design. For example, your new home will need to take into account the size, shape, and slope of your block. It will also need to work around any existing easements and meet local planning requirements (e.g. height restrictions, minimum green space, etc.).

Building on that last point, as a knockdown rebuild is effectively a new development, it will need local Council approval. To get this, you will need to submit a planning application, detailing the proposed design of your new house. Your builder will be aware of this requirement and should be able to help you prepare all the necessary documentation.

Whether French Provincial or modern, once your new house plans are finalised and approved, it is time to say goodbye to your current home. Most knockdown rebuild specialists do not do this themselves but should be able to recommend an experienced demolition company. In addition to knocking down the current structure, this contractor will also do any extra preparation work the construction team requires.

Once the site is clear, your builder can really get to work. This will be a fairly standard new build process for them, and they should manage everything for you. And, as construction is starting from scratch, you are less likely to encounter issues – and need to change your plans – during the build.

Other benefits of a knockdown rebuild

In addition to helping you stay in your current location, a knockdown rebuild also provides several other important benefits. Most significantly, it allows you to:

  • Remove existing structural issues: When you renovate or extend an existing property, what you can achieve will be heavily dependent on the current structure. And, as at least part of this structure will be retained, you can still be left with structural issues. This is not a problem when you knockdown rebuild as you new home will be exactly that – all new.

  • Simplify the build process: When doing a renovation or extension, your builder often needs to start by remediating the existing structure. Even if they know exactly what work is required – and usually they do not – this can significantly impact the project timeline. However, when you knockdown rebuild, there is no existing structure to fix and minimal risk of unexpected issues.

  • Keep your build costs down: As a knockdown rebuild gives your builder a blank canvas to work with, their job is much easier. Almost everything is within their control and there is a lot less risk of a budget or timeline blowout. As a result, building works usually cost significantly less than a renovation or extension, at least per square metre.

  • Maximise your new home’s green credentials: If you value sustainability, a knockdown rebuild allows you to make this the basis of your new home design. That could mean everything from adopting passive design principles to incorporating sustainable building materials and installing a rooftop solar system. And, because this is built into the design, you will be able to optimise the effectiveness of these features.

Considering a knockdown rebuild?

If you love your current location, but not your current home, a knockdown rebuild could be a great option for you. And Carmel Homes can work with you to make sure you get everything you want from the process. We are one of Melbourne’s leading luxury custom builders and experts in creating high quality bespoke living spaces.

For more information on our services and experience, or to arrange your free consultation, contact Carmel Homes today.



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