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What is a Modern Hampton Style Home?

The Hamptons style is a classic for a reason. The clean lines, the crisp colours and the comfortable feel are all things that will never go out of fashion. But that does not mean that the style cannot move with the times.

In fact, over the last year or so, we have seen a clear evolution of the style. The traditional elements have been given a modern spin, bringing the look right up to date with the latest trends. And, as long-time fans of the look, we are very happy to see it being refreshed and finding new relevance.

Here we explore some of the most important elements of the new Hamptons style. We look at how the traditional features have adapted and changed. And we share some of our top tips for bringing this style into your home.

The new Hamptons colour palette

Traditionally, the Hamptons style was known for its liberal use of white. This was far and away the most dominant colour and helped give the look a clean, crisp and airy feel. Often it was paired with a rich navy blue to create contrast and visual interest while celebrating the style’s strong coastal ties.

The modern Hamptons style builds on this by softening the palette slightly and introducing a range of new shades. The colour scheme remains noticeably natural and muted, with creamy beiges, chocolate browns, and teals now popular. Warm golds, mustards, and even lavender have also crept in, and black is widely used to create contrast.

To bring the modern Hamptons colour scheme into your home, we recommend:

  • Adding a little drama to your bedroom with a black or dark grey feature wall. To balance this out, pair it with whites and light greys and gold or brass accents.

  • Choosing white kitchen cabinetry and offsetting it against a warmer tone, like a light grey or brown.

  • Using a multi-tonal white-grey colour palette in your bathroom. For additional depth, frame this with a darker flooring colour.

  • Adding extra colour to your living areas by including a blue and white area rug.

Balancing materials and textures in Hampton Style

The Hamptons style has always been about using different textures to create depth and richness. Natural materials have long been a big focus, with wood and linen being particularly popular choices. These were generally combined with stone and glass to create the trademark sense of ‘relaxed sophistication’.

The new Hamptons style aims to create the same level of comfort while bringing in a slightly harder edge. More masculine materials, like aged brass, are added to the mix to create extra depth and make the look more tactile. This is offset by generous use of fabrics and soft furnishing to achieve balance and make spaces feel resolved.

To strike this balance in your own home, we recommend you try:

  • Choosing a tufted fabric headboard and matching this with large statement bedside tables featuring wood or glass.

  • Adding variety and visual interest to your kitchen design by including glass door cabinetry and open wooden shelving.

  • Picking a coffee table or dining table that is made from contrasting materials (e.g. marble top and gold legs).

Hampton Style - Adding interest through patterns

Previously, Hamptons designs have shied away from patterns, particularly on larger scales. The intent was to keep spaces clean and crisp and celebrate the texture of natural materials. If a pattern was used, it was done so sparingly, usually as an accent.

This is not the case with the modern take, in which patterns are widely used to create structure and add visual interest. Geometric designs are especially popular and are often used as a motif throughout the entire home. For balance, this usually softens through the use of colour blocking and softer prints (e.g. subtle florals).

If you want to embrace the power of pattern in your home, we recommend:

  • Creating a feature wall using Vertical Join (VJ) panelling. This material has long been a popular choice for Hamptons style homes as it creates a relaxed, coastal look. To give it a modern spin, run the panelling all the way to the ceiling to emphasise the height of the space.

  • Introducing additional patterns into living areas by including an area rug with a geometric or other statement design.

  • Choosing a sideboard or bedside table that features an intricate, preferably geometric, design that includes a variety of materials (e.g. wood with glass inset).

Hampton Style Flooring

In most traditional Hamptons style homes, the flooring is an extension of other design choices. Wood floors are most common, often in lighter tones. Where carpet is used, it is highly textured and tufted and usually in natural sandy shades. Tiled areas generally feature natural stone in white and grey tones, most often laid in a stacked pattern.

While all of these choices would still fit well in a modern Hamptons home, many people are choosing to be a little bolder. Wood is still the preferred flooring option, though deeper, richer tones have become much more popular. Stone is also still the preferred tile choice, though darker colours are more common, as are more detailed laying patterns.

To add a modern Hamptons feel to your flooring, we recommend:

  • For a modern spin on the traditional Hamptons style, choose timber flooring in deeper, richer brown. This will provide a solid foundation for the rest of your design choices.

  • For a more industrial take on the modern Hamptons style, choose polished concrete for your flooring in your living spaces.

  • In your bathroom, choose a large square or another strong shaped tile, in a darker tone, laid in a geometric pattern. For a more high-end feel, opt for a tile with a glossier finish.

Hampton Style Lighting

Lighting is generally a key feature in traditional Hamptons style homes. A mix of lighting options is often used to create layers of lighting and increase control over lighting levels. Statement fixtures are also popular, usually in simpler or more streamlined designs.

The modern Hamptons style builds on this by fully embracing the impact a good feature light fixture can make. These are often used to reinforce other material or colour choices, tying the whole design together. They also often bring in elements of other complementary design styles, like industrial and modern French Provincial.

When putting together a lighting plan for your modern Hamptons home, we recommend:

  • Layering your light by including multiple light sources in most rooms. This could include recessed downlighting, statement hanging lighting, fixed wall lighting (sconces), and occasional floor and table lamps.

  • Adding a little glamour to your kitchen by hanging at least two large pendant lights over your island bench. Amp up the luxury by choosing fixtures finished in gold or brass tones.

  • Maximising natural light by choosing sheer curtains that help disperse light throughout the room. For a more modern look, choose an option with a statement trim.

Other decorative choices when it comes to Hampton Styles

Traditional Hamptons designs are all about the details. While styling is generally kept reasonably minimal, layering of materials and objects is regularly used to create depth. There is also often a clear coastal or nautical theme, in keeping with the style’s history.

Most modern Hampton homes sport similar styling but generally with more variety and creative flair. As part of this, traditional styling choices are given a fresh new spin through the use of new colours or materials. Nautical references are also usually toned back to be more of a simple focus on natural materials and features.

When styling your modern Hamptons home, we recommend:

  • Choosing a traditional kitchen cabinet handle design and modernising it with a matte black finish. For a more complete look, choose tapware that matches both the design style and finish.

  • Keeping bathroom cabinetry choices traditional and modernising the look by opting for a floating vanity design. As an added bonus, this will make the space look larger and more luxurious.

  • Softening your lounge or sitting room by choosing a round coffee table. For a more modern look, choose a design with a glass top and gold or brass legs.

  • Offsetting the more masculine fittings by dressing rooms with more feminine soft furnishings. For example, you can balance out a more structured armchair in a strong colour with cushions in softer colours and patterns.

  • Avoiding knick-knacks and accessories that are blatantly in the coastal or nautical theme. Touches of these motifs can add character but displaying pieces of driftwood or bottles with sand in them will date the design.

Still worried about nailing the Hampton style?

Whether you are after traditional Hamptons styling or a more modern take, Carmel Homes can help bring your dream design to life. We celebrate everything this look has to offer and are experts in incorporating it into custom home builds. Contact us today to arrange your free design consultation.



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