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Canterbury is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 10km east of Melbourne's Central Business District. Its local government area is the City of Boroondara. At the 2011 Census, Canterbury had a population of 7,857.

Famed for its leafy green boulevards and substantial, opulent historic residences, Canterbury is among Melbourne's most expensive and exclusive suburbs.[1]



Canterbury is regarded as one of Melbourne's most exclusive suburbs, particularly the "Golden Mile" - a term referring to a part of Mont Albert Road, running west from Balwyn Road and the avenues that connect it to Canterbury Road, including Monomeath Avenue, which is lined by large, century old oak trees and grand ornate mansions and is home to many notable politicians and leaders of business and industry.

Other blue-chip locales along this stretch include Alexandra Avenue, Hopetoun Avenue, Victoria Avenue and The Ridge. It consistently ranks in the top three suburbs for average house prices in Melbourne.[2]


Brilliant Schools

Some of the best high schools are in the area, namely:


Camberwell Grammer School

Camberwell Grammar School is an independent, Anglican, day school for boys, located in Canterbury, an eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Camberwell Church of England Grammar School was founded in 1886. In 2011, it celebrated the 125th year anniversary of its establishment in 1886.

The school currently has around 1600 students. The school is divided into three sections – Junior School (Prep – Year 5), Middle School (Year 6 – Year 8) and Senior School (Year 9 – Year 12).[3]

Canterbury Girls' Secondary College

Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College is a learning community based on the principles of partnership, support and responsibility and fosters high levels of achievement and satisfaction. 

Valued college traditions develop a sense of continuity and identity for students and teachers. Both individual achievement and contribution to group activities are encouraged and valued. 

The recognition of achievements occurs in a number of ways including Presentation Night (Canterbury Celebrates), House Chorals and House Dance Drama Festivals and at General, Subschool and Year Level Assemblies.[4]


Camberwell Girls Grammer School

Our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing truly good women walk through the gates at the end of their senior school days. Whether this be a group from the 1930s, 60s, 90s or 21st Century, nearly 9,200 women have taken this journey and we are proud of each and every one of them.

Established in 1920, the School opened with eight pupils and was located in the St Mark’s Church Hall in Camberwell, where it flourished until 1927. It then moved to its present site in Canterbury and the School has thrived ever since.

Recognised as one of Australia’s leading girls schools, we provide a well-rounded secondary education that nurtures and guides students through the complexities of life with understanding, tolerance and infinite patience.

They achieve academic excellence through innovative teaching practice, a strong work ethic and our unique culture. Our eight year average median ATAR score is 92.[5]




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