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At Carmel Homes we understand building your own home can sometimes be overwhelming, especially given work, family and life commitments.  It is for this reason we want to be there to support our customers through their project.  The Owner Builder option provides a cost-effective approach for building your own home, while still ensuring you have the support and guidance of experienced and trusted builders through the entire process.  

A new home is an expression of a customer’s individual needs and desires.  Whether Modern, Contemporary or Classic, Carmel Homes understands that each homeowner is unique and our innovative approach allows us to explore new ideas and concepts for each home to reflect your desires. 

Owner Builder vs Home Builder Grant in Victoria

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Applications for the HomeBuilder Grant in Victoria
closed on 14 April 2021

The State Revenue Office of Victoria is administering the HomeBuilder Grant on behalf of the Australian Government, which set the closing date to apply for the grant of 14 April 2021.

Accordingly, an applicant must have started their application in the HomeBuilder online application portal before the closing date. The Commissioner of State Revenue has no discretion or authority to accept applications that were not started in the online portal before midnight on 14 April 2021.

Their HomeBuilder Grant application page provides more information for applicants who are continuing their application, which they started in the online portal prior to the closing date. 

Cozy Living Room

The Home Builder Grant ending doesn't mean you can't build

Don't let the Home Builder Grant ending mean you can't build your dream home.

We understand every home is different because every home owner's needs and desires are unique. We know how important an investment your home is and guide each of our clients every step of the way to make sure they are part of the process.

Construction commencement requirement for the Home Builder Grant extended from 6 to 18 months

On 17 April 2021, the Australian Government announced it would extend the construction commencement requirement from 6 months to 18 months for all applications (i.e. for all contracts signed 4 June 2020-31 March 2021 inclusive).

If you have been denied the grant due to not meeting the 6-month construction commencement requirement you should, as soon as possible, lodge an objection so that your application can be reviewed.

Carmel Homes have been helping Owner Builders for over 30 years and we are proud to help people get the Home Builder Grant in Victoria.
Art Magazine

When planning a new home build, it is important to find sources of inspiration. For some, this will come from hours spent online researching architectural trends and award-winning designs. For others, it will be weekends spent spotting interesting design features in neighbouring properties and throughout the suburb.
For us, one of the greatest sources of information and ideas continues to be the humble home building magazine. These carefully curated collections of industry updates, design trends, and feature properties provide such a wealth of knowledge. There is also something really special about being able to pore over a magazine’s glossy pages and beautiful pictures.

If you are planning to build a new home, cost is probably one of your biggest concerns. In addition to guiding what you can build, cost helps determine all of your design decisions. From the size of the structure to the quality of the fixtures and fittings, cost can impact every element of your build.
Your budget is also something that needs to be carefully managed throughout the build. Cost overruns are all too common, with most projects suffering from some unexpected expenses and delays. And there are always horror stories about people running out of money before finishing their build.
With all of this in mind, it is reasonable to wonder what you should expect when it comes to building costs. However, this is not a straightforward question with a simple answer. Here we look at the factors that impact the cost of your build and how you can keep the price down.

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Home Interior

Melbourne's Carmel Homes has specialised in building prestige custom homes for over 20 years.  With an eye for detail we endeavour to create a prestigious feel in your custom home focusing on quality throughout the duration of the build.


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