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7 Things to Look for in a Builder

Whether you are building a French Provincial home or a modern home design, when researching potential builders, there are a few main things you should be focusing on. Here is our top 7 things to look for.

7 things to look for in a builder
7 things to look for in a builder

Experience and qualifications are paramount when choosing the right builder

At an absolute minimum, any builder you are considering should be fully licensed and qualified to do the job. Preferably, they should also have significant experience delivering projects that are similar in scale and style to yours. This is particularly important if your plans include any unique features or unusual materials, as these will usually require specialist skills.

Look at the previous work of the builder

A builder’s portfolio will tell you a lot about their preferred style of project and the quality of their finishes. It is also a good way to get a sense of any relevant experience they have. For example, if you are planning a large modern home design, you should look for similar properties in each builder’s portfolio.

Working style of the builder

Each builder will approach the different components of their job in their unique way. Some will be quite structured and sequential in their activities, while others will be more intuitive and deal with issues as they arise. To make your working relationship easier, it is best to choose a builder with a similar approach to you.

The builder's customer service

Similar to their working style, each builder will have their own approach to managing communications with their clients. Some will provide a single point of contact and regular updates, whereas others will only update you at key milestones. To avoid unnecessary stress during the build, it is best to choose a builder whose client engagement approach matches your engagement expectations.

Project management approach

How activities are scheduled and the overall timeline is managed can also vary greatly from builder to builder. In addition to affecting your build experience, this can have a major impact on how long your build will take to complete. As such, if time is an important factor for you, a builder with a more structured scheduling approach may be best.

Scope of services of the builder

While most builders have the same core service offering, some companies will support a wider range of activities. For example, most design and build builders provide an end-to-end service, whereas other builders only manage certain elements. As such, it is important to check what is included in each builder’s contract and what is not.

Price structure - fixed price vs cost plus

The last thing you want is to be caught out by unexpected expenses and not be able to finish your build. That is why we generally recommend opting for a build contract that has a significant fixed cost component. This gives you greater budget certainty and limits the risk of you experiencing a budget shortfall.

Want to discuss this further?

If you are planning a custom build and need help choosing a builder, give Carmel Homes a call. As one of Melbourne’s leading custom home builders, we understand how complex and confusing this process can be. We are also committed to making the building process as easy as possible and are always happy to offer advice.

For more information on what we do or to discuss your build plans and arrange your free design consultation, contact us today.



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