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Melbourne Building Design for 2021 and Beyond

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How to create a luxury home on a budget

9 Brilliant Decor Tips for a Luxury Home

Different people will have different definitions of what makes a luxury home. For many, it will be all about the quality of the materials and finishes. For others, it will be the sense of comfort and calm the space provides. And for some, it will purely be a matter of cost – the more expensive, the more luxurious.

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How Home Design Trends Have Responded to COVID-19


12 Insightful Questions to Ask Before Designing Your Dream Home

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Avoid a Build Budget Blowout with These Practical Tips


8 Ways to Find a Quality Builder That You Can Trust

Furniture Designer

Custom Home Design vs Project Home: Some Pros and Cons

Couple and Builder

Create A Great Working Relationship with Your Builder


9 Amazing Australian Interior Designers

Roof Construction

Light Weight vs Heavy Weight

Home Decor

Remembering the Little Things

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Choosing the Right Block for Your Dream Home


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Tree Lined Park

Eco Sustainable Homes

Brick Construction

Premium Extensions

11 Essential Features of a French Provincial Home

Melbourne has a long-standing love affair with French architecture. In its earliest days, the style was popular with some of the city’s wealthiest and most well-connected residents.

This fascination with French architecture continues today, as shown by the widespread popularity of French Provincial designs. 

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