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French Provincial Homes – 8 of the Best Australian Style Blogs

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

It is no secret that the team here at Carmel Homes are big fans of French Provincial designs. We love the sense of refined comfort and the classic styling that feels both luxurious and relaxing. We also appreciate the enduring appeal of this look, particularly for higher-end homes.

But, to us, one of the most impressive things about this style has to be how dynamic it is. While there are key features critical to nailing the look, there is also plenty of flexibility. Designers and homeowners alike are also increasingly marrying French Provincial with other styles.

This means that the style is always evolving, and there are always new design trends arising. Style blogs are a great way to stay across the latest developments, providing a wealth of information and tips. Here we share some of our favourite Australian style blogs that feature pieces on French Provincial homes.

#1: Lavender Hill Interiors

Also based in Sydney, Lavender Hill Interiors is a boutique furniture store with a particular focus on pieces in the Hamptons style. The business was founded by two sisters in 2012 with the aim to make designer furniture more accessible. As part of this, they work directly with manufacturers to source high-quality pieces at more affordable prices.

While Lavender Hill Interiors primarily focuses on the Hamptons style, they also feature many pieces that suit French Provincial designs. Their blog reflects this, with many pieces having a Hamptons focus, but also some great pieces about French Provincial style. For example, there is this post on traditional French Provincial architectural features that includes some seriously inspirational images.

More broadly, this blog includes some great advice on styling different areas of the home. This means you will find ideas on everything from improving your home’s street appeal to choosing cushions for your armchairs. There are even pieces providing plenty more inspiration, like this post about the world’s most luxurious hotels.

#2: Wallrocks

Based in Brisbane, Wallrocks was founded in 1974 and has since become an absolute institution within the Australian antiques market. Now overseen by a fourth-generation antique dealer, Jessica Wallrock, the business has a strong focus on bringing antiques into contemporary culture. As part of this, they are committed to educating the community about the beauty and versatility of antique furniture.

In this spirit, the Wallrocks blog features many videos and posts explaining the appeal and application of antiques. In these, the team shares the lessons they have learned through their significant experience sourcing and restoring specific pieces. They also share their styling advice, like in this piece about creating a French Provincial design that works.

As many posts focus on specific pieces of furniture, this blog is particularly good for those looking to learn more about antiques. That said, even if you are not interested in the history of your furniture, there is still plenty of great information to be found here. And, if you need a little extra inspiration, you can also check out their product range and lookbook.

#3: Making Your Home Beautiful by Samantha Bacon

Samantha Bacon is an interior designer and colour specialist who provides a range of decorating and design services. Having grown up in the UK and travelled the world, she has now settled in Sydney and consults Australia-wide. She also regularly contributes to a number of Australian lifestyle magazines, in addition to regularly publishing her blog.

Given her expertise in colour theory and selection, many of her posts focus on the choice and use of different shades. This often includes advice on developing a palette as well as working with specialist products, like different Colorbond options. She also shares her styling advice, like this guide to creating a complete French Provincial look.

Samantha also regularly recaps and comments on things like The Block room reveals. This is in addition to sharing profiles of – and thoughts on – popular or high-profile properties and renovation projects. These are particularly valuable if you are looking to stay across the latest design tastes and trends.

#4: The Design Basics

Trish Khoury is the Founding Director of one of Melbourne’s leading design studios, Grace Interior Designs. She is driven by a belief that everyone deserves to live, work, and play in a beautiful space that inspires them. She is also committed to making designer interiors more accessible to more people.

As part of this, she maintains what she calls her passion project – The Design Basics website. Here she sells furniture packages that have been specially designed to create a professionally curated look. These packages are available in a wide range of popular styles, including French Provincial.

On this site, she also shares her thoughts and advice on a wide range of design trends and decisions. From creating functional spaces to choosing colours and homewares, Trish shares her advice on almost every element of interior design. This includes her detailed guide on styling a French Provincial home.

#5: Verity Jayne

Verity Jayne is a kitchen designer based in the Barossa who also offers online design consultation services. While kitchens are her primary focus, she regularly shares her advice on a range of interior design decisions. From developing plans to selecting and sourcing materials and furnishings, you can Ask Verity to help with it all.

Through her blog, Verity shares advice on a wide range of topics. As you would expect, many of her posts focus on the latest in kitchen designs and trends. For example, she has previously posted her tips for creating the perfect French Provincial kitchen.

In addition, Verity occasionally shares renders of the jobs she has been working on, including inspirations and suggested material choices. This is on top of other inspirational posts featuring designs she loves, furniture and materials she recommends, and reference pictures. All this combines to make this blog a great resource for anyone planning to build or renovate.

#6: Christophe Living

Based in Sydney, Christophe Living sells a wide range of French furniture, lighting, and home décor materials. They also design and build custom pieces, mostly in the French Provincial and Hamptons styles. As such, they have a deep understanding of French design and decorating techniques.

In their blog, they provide tips on everything from designing the perfect French Provincial dining room to styling the perfect French Provincial bed. They also provide practical advice on different lighting options and choosing the best one for your taste and space. There are even posts on specific pieces of furniture (like tables and daybeds) and decorative features (like panelling and curtains).

While many of their posts include promotions for their own products and services, they provide plenty of great insight. And, you never know, you might just find the exact feature piece you’ve been looking for!

#7: The Design Files

Founded in 2008 by Lucy Feagins (then a freelance stylist and set dresser), The Design Files is now Australia’s leading style blog. This blog, covering everything from food and travel to architecture and interior design, has something for almost everyone. It also enjoys an extremely well-engaged community, thanks largely to the high quality of its original content.

While The Design Files content spans a range of topics, the weekly profiles of notable homes are particularly popular. These give readers a chance to tour and draw inspiration from some of the world’s most beautiful properties. For example, this piece on interior design doyenne, Karen McCartney’s, holiday home provides great insight into a true French Provincial design.

The Interiors section of The Design Files also provides a wealth of information on interior design trends and hot topics. Most pieces in this section are framed as design profiles, showing how a look can be pulled together. Many also provide details of the exact fixtures and features used, allowing you to recreate the look yourself.

#8: Homes to Love

Homes to Love brings together content from a number of Australia’s leading lifestyle publications (like Belle and Inside Out). As such, it features a wide variety of articles covering most aspects of architecture and design. It also includes many pieces on other popular lifestyle topics, from gardening to pet care.

Many of the most popular articles on this site provide a look into some of the world’s most beautiful properties. For example, this compilation of nine French Provincial style homes should provide plenty of inspiration for your own design. There are also profiles of individual properties, like this stately Queenslander, which provide details of specific fixtures, finishes, and furnishings.

The Decorating section also features articles offering practical advice on everything from styling bookshelves to looking after your indoor plants. There are also plenty of pieces on common design decisions, like choosing paint colours and selecting furniture. This makes this site a great resource for anyone undertaking any kind of home updates.

Looking for a little more design inspiration?

If you need help perfecting your French Provincial styling, contact Carmel Homes. We are one of the leading custom builders in Melbourne and are experts in creating bespoke French Provincial designs. We also offer a free consultation service and can help you bring your dream home to life.



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