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The Advantages of Choosing a Luxury Custom Home Builder

For many people, a luxury custom home is the dream. They picture a statement property that is as much a showpiece as it is a functional living space. They also assume that this is an indulgence that most people simply cannot afford.

But choosing to build a luxury custom home is about so much more than just opulence and extravagance. Luxury custom builders are usually true craftspeople who are committed to creating beautiful, functional spaces tailored to their client's requirements. They are also often creative thinkers who thrive on the challenge of developing unique designs and highly practical solutions.

With that in mind, choosing a luxury custom builder can provide a range of benefits beyond just prestige. Here we look at what these are and why luxury custom builds are so popular.

You can build what you want, where you want with a custom home builder

One of the biggest appeals of a luxury custom build is that there are almost no limits on what you can achieve. Where volume builders deliver slight variations on their existing designs, custom builders start with a blank canvas. This means you are free to develop a design that suits your taste, your family, your location, and your lifestyle.

A custom builder will also take the time to get to know you and what you are really looking for. They can even guide you on how to bring all your thoughts together into one cohesive design.

Many custom builders also specialise in building on non-standard blocks. Usually, volume builders will not touch such projects, or they will charge significantly more for variations to the existing design. But with a custom builder, the unique characteristics of your location can be built into your plans.

This often results in more interesting homes that work better with their environment. Whether there is a significant slope, breathtaking views, or an important natural landscape, a custom build can be designed to suit. And it will usually be more accommodating of these features, rather than seeing them as an issue to be managed.

That being said, it is important to find a builder who is experienced in the unique features you are working with. In addition to being able to spot potential issues, such builders will understand any restrictions and know how to work within them. They will also be better equipped to solve any problems that may arise during the build.

Luxury custom home builders can create a truly bespoke space

As the name suggests, a custom build will be designed to match your specific needs. This means you have complete control over the space, including the number and size of rooms and the overall flow. You can also add any extra architectural features you want – either to improve liveability or just because you like how they look.

As such, building a luxury custom home is an opportunity to think about all the little details you love. After all, luxury is not just about having easy access to everything you need to get you through your day. It is minor details and small indulgences that make life that little bit more special and enjoyable.

And, as luxury is such a subjective concept, this can only be achieved through a custom build. To some, richness and volume is the height of luxury, whereas to others, it is sleekness and simplicity. Whatever your definition is, building a custom home lets you create a living environment that truly suits you and your taste.

You don't have to compromise on quality

To help keep costs down, most volume builders use a standard set of materials and fittings. Given the scale they operate on, this allows them to order in bulk and get everything at a lower price. While part of this saving is usually passed onto the client, that comes at the cost of uniqueness and personalisation.

If you want to change or upgrade a volume builder's standard inclusions, this will attract a variation fee. Anything you choose will also have to fit within the existing design; otherwise, further variations may be required. As such, costs can add up quickly when you are trying to achieve a different standard of finish.

However, with a luxury custom home build, you can use whatever materials and fittings you want. If you have really specific ideas, your design can be developed around these to make sure they fit. And, as there is no baseline design, upgrades and changes are not considered variations until building starts.

Also, while a custom builder will have their regular team, most are happy to call in specialist trades when required. For example, if you want to use a unique or unusual material, the best custom builders will engage an experienced installer. This means that when you choose a luxury custom builder, you can be sure you are getting high-quality work.

And if energy efficiency and sustainability are important to you, you can make these core principles of your custom design. From optimising the orientation to fitting rooftop solar and greywater systems, most luxury custom builders provide a range of green options. Many also have significant experience working with sustainably sourced or reclaimed materials.

All this being said, not all luxury custom home builders are the same, and you will need to choose your builder carefully. Look for a company that understands your vision and has the skills to bring it to life. You also want a good rapport with your builder as you will be working with them throughout the whole project.

Good luxury custom home builders are generally in high demand, so are selective about the projects they work on. They are generally smaller businesses and have a close-knit team involved in every job they do. This means that when you build custom, you will always know exactly who is working on your new home.

Most luxury custom builders also have their own dedicated design teams who help clients develop their plans. This allows them to provide a truly end-to-end service, guiding you from the initial idea to the final handover. And, because all work is with one company, handovers are smoother, and there is less risk of things 'falling through the cracks'.

This is especially important once building starts, as your design team can easily be consulted on any issues that arise. And, as they are familiar with how the builders work, they can make sure all the required information is provided upfront. All this adds up to a much less stressful – and much more enjoyable – build.

Many luxury custom home builders provide clients with a single point of contact to make the client experience even better. So, while you may deal with several specialists throughout the process, you will always know who to contact with any questions. And, best of all, you will not need to repeat yourself multiple times when explaining any issues.

You will have greater control over your budget

While the words 'custom' and 'luxury' are often synonymous with 'expensive', in this case, they do not have to be. Although many luxury custom homes are higher-end, it is possible to build one within a tight budget. In fact, when managed well, a custom build can actually help you keep costs down.

When you undertake a custom build, you are in complete control of the result. As such, if you have a limited budget, you can choose where to save and where to splash out. You can also adjust your plans to bring work back within budget if unexpected costs do come up.

As most experienced custom builders are well-versed in working with a limited budget, they can help you control spending. Their professional designers can also recommend ways to get more from your build dollar, including finding cost-effective alternatives. They can even help you plan for future developments or upgrades, potentially saving you even more in the long run.

Depending on the type of home you are after, a custom build may even be more cost-effective. While volume builder base prices are usually lower, these only cover standard inclusion and can blow out significantly when variations are required. There is also likely to be some wasted space, as their standard design will not be tailored to meet your specific needs.

But when you build custom, you can be more thoughtful with your decisions, making sure every cent is well spent. You can tailor your design to your exact requirements, minimising wasted space and avoiding unnecessary costs. And your plans can be developed to suit the local landscape, reducing the need for additional footings, etc.

Want more information on what a luxury custom home builder can do for you?

To find out how working with a luxury custom home builder could benefit you, give Carmel Homes a call. We have over 30 years of experience and are experts in creating bespoke designs tailored to our client's individual needs and desires. Contact us today to discuss how we can help bring your dream home to life.



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