Carmel Homes has specialised in building architectural designed homes for over 20 years.  With an eye for detail we endeavour to create a prestigious feel in your custom home focusing on quality throughout the duration of the build. 

Whether one home or 16 townhouses, our promise to you, as your dedicated builder, is a one-of-a-kind architectural home designed and built with the highest level of design talent, personalized service and premium, top-of-the-line building materials.

Carmel Homes’ position is unique in the marketplace, with more than 20 years experience as a architectural designed home builder in property development, we offer our customers end to end development management, custom home design and construction services.


Carmel Home’s ultimate goal is to ensure a unique, architectural designed custom home for each client from start to finish. Whereas some builders make a business in building variations of only a few dwellings over and over again, each Carmel home is truly an original, just like you. Moreover, our service offering  as a custom home builder is unique and tailored specifically for each build and each client. At Carmel Homes, we walk the client through the full build of their new home and consider every detail.

"The home should be the treasure chest of living."
Le Corbusier

Carmel Homes - your architectural designed home builder


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I long, as does every human being,
to be at home wherever I find myself."
Maya Angelou

A new home is an expression of a customer’s individual needs and desires.  Whether a luxury Modern, Contemporary or Classic Melbourne home, Carmel Homes is a builder that understands that each homeowner is unique and our innovative approach allows us to explore new ideas and concepts for each custom home to reflect your desires. 


Over the decades Carmel Homes has developed into a business specialising in architectural designed custom homes.  From this period we have learned that every detail counts and, with Carmel Homes as their builder, customers have the opportunity to cater for their personal tastes with the wide range of designer brands and styles we have to offer.    

At Carmel Homes we believe that meticulous supervision is the only manner in which to build a truly custom home. We believe so strongly in this that a "hands-on" approach for all projects has become our building philosophy. While most builders delegate critical work to design teams and foremen, we (the owners) are present at the home sites daily in order to work with our tradesmen and ensure quality control. This superior level of attention is simply one advantage of engaging Carmel Homes as your builder. We take this hands-on approach all the way to mid – size townhouse developments.

Whether one home or 16 townhouses, our promise to you is a one-of-a-kind architectural custom home designed and built with the highest level of design talent, personalized service and top-of-the-line building materials.


We believe that it is important for you to have a strong comfort level with your builder. At Carmel Homes we work diligently to create an environment that encourages communication from the initial stages of planning all the way to completion. This approach will ensure that expectations are set accurately so that there are no surprises.

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We are a builder that have created a reputation of pure luxury and quality after a generation of focusing on detail, detail and detail.  At Carmel Homes, we understand that there is more behind making your house into a home.  We understand that you only want the best for your home. Unfortunately, in most cases the best can come at a high price tag. At Carmel Homes we believe everyone deserves the best. That’s why we feature a prestige line of products at prices that won’t break the bank. Our focus on quality, efficiency, and service make us stand out from the rest as a leading builder of premium custom home extensions in Melbourne. We strive to consistently deliver outstanding results to our customers.

We have acquired a formidable reputation over the last 30 years, built upon innovative yet practical design, excellent customer service, quality of product, and speed of construction. All our work is project managed by qualified Building Project Managers and is backed by our extended 10 year structural guarantee.  We design and build all types of home extensions and additions, whether it’s Federation or Contemporary, ground floor or a whole new 2nd storey, we leave our customers with a premium finish and in a sense of luxury.

"Builder of architectural designed custom homes , boutique townhouse and apartment developments in Melbourne's premium suburbs for over 20 years."

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