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Top trends in building a custom home in 2024

Step into the future of home design in 2024, where the landscape is evolving to cater to dynamic needs and preferences. The spotlight is on health-conscious living, with an emphasis on natural daylight, air quality, and dedicated wellness spaces. The trend of bringing the outdoors in is a vibe, featuring glass doors, seamless indoor-outdoor spaces, and a nod to sustainability for tranquil, nature-inspired living. Maximizing storage space takes center stage, showcasing the ingenuity of custom builders in urban areas and on tricky sloping blocks. The passion for handmade features and personalized elements grows, with homeowners craving unique, character-filled spaces. Quality furniture and purposeful cabinetry design are valued, aligning with the trend of investing in enduring, custom pieces. Lastly, Smart Homes usher in 2024 with cutting-edge technology, offering convenience and control. These trends collectively shape a future where design meets functionality, sustainability, and the ever-evolving needs of modern living.

Healthy Home Features

In today's crazy world, being mindful of our health and well-being through smart design is a big deal. Homeowners are catching on to the magic of natural daylight over electric light, thinking about how their pad's layout and windows can soak up that good sun. You can play it smart by arranging furniture and using shading tricks to ride the morning light wave, dodge the scorching afternoon sun, and keep it chill when night falls. The buzz about healthy homes got custom home builders all hyped up, adding nifty stuff like air filters and water purifiers, plus using non-toxic materials. Folks who are health-conscious want their homes to be like zen zones, and these builders get it. They're pulling out all the stops with design and build tricks, throwing in natural light and ventilation to boost your mood and brainpower. If you're into modern home design or dreaming of a French provincial home, these builders are your go-to experts.

Looking ahead to 2024, homeowners are all about creating special spots for meditation, yoga, and workouts, decked out in calming colors, good vibes, and super clean air. Cool blues and greens or warm neutrals are in, setting the stage for a tranquil vibe and top-notch indoor air quality thanks to custom home builders who know their materials. They're even adding elevators for easy access to wellness spaces, keeping that flow going and reminding everyone that health is key. If you're thinking of dual occupancy or dealing with a tricky sloping block, these custom home builders have your back. Whether it's a knockdown and rebuild gig or only a renovation, these builders bring style and good vibes, making sure your home not only looks cool but also boosts your well-being.

Bringing the outdoors in

Imagine bringing nature's chill vibes right into your living space. Lately, we've noticed a new trend about blurring the lines between inside and outside, and both customers and custom home builders are totally vibing with it. Glass doors are in – they swing open to give your indoor space a breath of fresh air. If you're thinking about a knockdown and rebuild, this could be your game-changer. Plus, rocking the same flooring inside and out tricks your eyes into thinking your space is way bigger. It's like magic! And for those into a French provincial home or a modern home design, this trend suits all styles. Taking the party outdoors is a big deal too. Picture having a chill spot outside that's good to go all year round. Perfect for those looking into dual occupancy – making the most out of your space. Even if you're dealing with a sloping block, this trend is a game-changer.

Now, let's talk plants. Custom home builders, especially those into French provincial homes, know the deal. Plants aren't just for looks; they're like the superheroes of the design world. They filter the air and give your place that green vibe. Sustainability is the buzzword here, and whether you're into a modern home design or digging the French provincial charm, circular design and living green are the cool concepts in the mix. So, the future is all about kicking back in spaces that feel like the great outdoors. Sustainability is the way to go, and biophilic design is all about bringing the outdoors in. Plants, natural light, water features – it's like stepping into a chill oasis. Whether you're all about dual occupancy or tackling a sloping block, custom home builders are the heroes, making homes look cool and eco-friendly.

Maximised Storage

When it comes to custom homes, where every inch counts, custom home builders are all about getting creative with storage. Whether you're thinking of a knockdown and rebuild- completely starting fresh with a design and build project or looking to spruce up a couple of rooms in your home, these pros are on it, making sure smaller spaces are super functional. They're throwing in built-in cabinets, sneaky compartments, and furniture that does double duty. Hidden compartments are all the rage, stashed under stairs or behind mirrors for your valuables or seasonal stuff. Furniture is pulling double shifts too, like a coffee table with secret storage or a bed with drawers – perfect for modern home design lovers or those into the charm of French provincial homes. This trend is a game-changer, especially in busy urban areas where space is precious, and it's equally crucial for those dealing with a tricky sloping block or looking into dual occupancy.

Looking ahead to 2024, the storage game is getting even more interesting. No matter your home design project, from renovations to knockdown and rebuild projects, the focus is on smart storage solutions and spaces that do more than one thing. Think hidden compartments under stairs and kitchen islands doing double duty as dining tables or extra storage beneath them. It's all about making the most of your space without giving up on style and comfort. So, if you're all about that efficient living, especially on a sloping block or thinking dual occupancy, the experts, aka custom home builders, have got your back.

Handmade Features

The trend of custom features and personalized elements in home design is going strong and gaining even more popularity. It all started with European design shows, and now homeowners everywhere are embracing the idea of incorporating handmade tiles, personalized bathroom vanities, and other bespoke elements into their homes. The goal is to create a sense of uniqueness and individuality that goes beyond cookie-cutter designs. People want their homes to reflect their own personal style and taste. In 2024, this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Homeowners are still opting for custom lighting, personalized bespoke vanities, and unique fixtures to add character and create truly one-of-a-kind living spaces. There's a growing emphasis on high-quality furniture pieces and purposeful cabinetry design. Instead of settling for mass-produced items that may not quite fit their vision, people are valuing the precision and individuality that comes with custom furniture. They want their furniture to perfectly complement their home layout, lifestyle preferences, and personal tastes. This shift in mindset is all about creating living spaces that stand out with character and enduring quality. Homeowners understand the value of investing in pieces that will truly enhance their living experience and bring long-lasting satisfaction. So, if you're looking to make your home truly unique and reflective of your personal style, consider incorporating custom and handmade elements into your design. It's a trend that's here to stay.

Flexible Floor Plans

With the rise of remote work and changing lifestyles, homes are getting a makeover to include flexible spaces that can adapt to different needs, like home offices or workout areas. This 2024 interior design trend is all about creating versatile environments that roll with the punches of modern living, promoting both productivity and well-being at home. The need for more flexibility in our homes became a big deal during the pandemic when many folks had to work from home. That sparked some pretty clever space-planning and furniture design. One cool invention to come out of this is the standing desk, ticking both the design and health boxes. Plus, the housing crunch is making studios and granny flats more popular, bringing back handy solutions like wall beds and futons.

Living rooms are also getting a facelift, becoming less formal and more multi-use, with spots designated for games, chilling, homework, and hanging out with friends. And don't even get started on the small-space living game – designers are pulling out all the stops to make the most out of limited square footage. While open layouts have been stealing the show for a while, they've made a lot of homes feel like one massive room. But in 2024, get ready for a wave of multifunctional rooms and furniture that can switch things up for different purposes. Think foldable coffee tables, secret storage spots, and pieces that can turn a room from a bedroom into a home office in the blink of an eye. As more folks keep working from home, practical solutions that adapt homes to fit their working needs will be the name of the game. It's all about recognizing that our living spaces should be flexible, adapting to the many facets of our modern lives.

Smart Homes

2024 is bringing some unique changes to home living never seen before, and one big player is the rise of Smart Homes, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence, tech is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. Products like smart thermostats are rocking the scene, letting you control the temperature easily, saving both energy and money. Lights are getting smarter too – with them now allowing you to set the vibe with voice or even through app controls for different moods. Security is next level, from high-tech cameras to smart locks with only your fingerprint needed and even facial recognition. And your appliances are now joining the tech party too. Fridges, ovens, and even washing machines are now controllable from your phone for maximum convenience. As we roll into 2024, Smart Homes are making our spaces not just more high-tech, but more in tune with how we live and enjoy our homes.

The landscape of home design is evolving, reflecting the dynamic needs and preferences of homeowners in 2024. Health-conscious living takes center stage, with an emphasis on harnessing natural daylight, air quality, and wellness spaces. Custom home builders are the unsung heroes, crafting homes that not only look stylish but also promote well-being. The trend of bringing the outdoors in, featuring glass doors, seamless indoor-outdoor spaces, and a nod to sustainability, speaks to the desire for tranquil, nature-inspired living. The maximization of storage space is a game-changer, especially in urban areas and on tricky sloping blocks, showcasing the ingenuity of custom home builders in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions. The passion for handmade features and personalized elements continues to grow, with homeowners seeking unique, character-filled spaces. The value of quality furniture and purposeful cabinetry design is emphasized, aligning with the broader trend of investing in enduring, custom pieces that enhance the living experience. Finally, the rise of Smart Homes introduces cutting-edge technology to daily living, offering convenience and control over various aspects of home management.

As homes become more than just living spaces, these trends collectively shape a future where design meets functionality, sustainability, and the ever-evolving needs of modern living. The homes of 2024 are not just structures; they are dynamic, adaptable spaces that enhance the well-being and lifestyle of their inhabitants. Ready to embark on this transformative journey for your home? Contact Carmel Homes today and let us craft a living space that goes beyond your expectations. Your dream home is just a call away.

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