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Labor’s Decisive Election Win - what does it mean for the Housing Industry?


It is clear that Victorian’s have indicated an absolute mandate for Labor to
implement its policy platform.

But what changes will this mean for the Housing Industry and how will this represent on the ground change?


The big issues to watch early next year will be around proposals for the registration of some trades and licensing of employees undertaking building work. This will present a big change to the way in which many businesses in our industry operate.


Legislation was passed in September, and the focus will now be on determining how it will work in practice. 

It is likely that the introduction of compulsory “Continuing Professional Development” (CPD) will occur too.


Labor’s state budget earlier this year made major announcements around free TAFE courses. This has also been strongly reinforced through the campaign and the courses, including those in building and construction, will commence next year.


Labor has previously announced it will introduce industrial manslaughter provisions. Under the proposal, employers will face steep fines and individuals responsible for negligently causing death will be held to account and face up to 20 years in jail.


Under the Andrews Government, a number of the big ticket infrastructure projects will either commence or continue including further removal of level crossings, an airport rail link and planning for a new suburban rail loop. The development of the North-East Link will be advanced as will work continuing on the Westgate Tunnel.

More specific planning and housing matters include new standards for apartment buildings, the release of 100,000 new housing lots by the end of this year, local planning reforms and effective local government administration have been promised.


Plans for improving the energy efficiency of Victorian building stock and support for renewable energy and storage development through planning laws will be explored.


Social Housing reforms will centre on supporting, maintaining and growing Victorian’s public housing stock, increasing affordable housing agreements between local government and developers, and inclusionary zoning principles, together with greater support for more community housing stock.


There is much to be done in the Andrews Government’s second term and HIA has reiterated to the Premier that whilst we look forward to working with his government, we will continue to provide a strong and credible voice on the matters that affect our industry. HIA notes that a significant proportion of revenue comes from property taxes and it needs to work with industry to ensure the continued growth of the Victorian economy.


[1] HIA 2017


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