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Did you know that natural light in home design can significantly enhance mood, improve wellbeing, and even increase the value of a property? One aspect of design that consistently stands out for its transformative potential is the strategic use of natural lighting can go from ordinary to extraordinary.

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A great kitchen has become a cornerstone of good modern home design. More than just a space to prepare meals, kitchens are now areas for friends and family to congregate. They are also increasingly used to make a style statement, setting the tone for the rest of the property.

Modern Kitchen

Here we take a closer look at your options when choosing someone to help you with your new house plans. We explore the different design professionals who can assist you and the key considerations when working with each. Based on this, we also share our recommendations for who to work with to get the best results.


Are you a fan of modern homes but are not sure exactly what the style is all about? Are you designing a new home and want to add a little modern flair to your plans? Have you tried to learn a little more about modern house design but got lost in all the architectural terms? If so, this guide is for you.

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When it comes to choosing your next home, you have a few options, buying an existing property in your preferred location, renovate or extend an existing property, choose to build with a volume builder, or undertake a custom build. Here we look at the benefits of building custom home and why you would choose to go this route for your next home.


Different people will have varying opinions on when is the right time to buy a property. Ultimately you are the one who has to be comfortable with the decision of when the right time is for you and your financial situation.


Like many things in life, the property market moves in cycles. Strong market growth may increase the value of properties, however at certain points of the cycle, the value may remain steady or even decline.


Knowing what point the cycle is at when you are considering your purchase will allow you to make an educated decision on the price you are willing to pay for your property.

Aerial View of a Beautiful Property

11 Essential Features of a French Provincial Home

Melbourne has a long-standing love affair with French architecture. In its earliest days, the style was popular with some of the city’s wealthiest and most well-connected residents.

This fascination with French architecture continues today, as shown by the widespread popularity of French Provincial designs. 

Designed Cabinet

Melbourne Building Design for 2021 and Beyond

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How to create a luxury home on a budget

9 Brilliant Decor Tips for a Luxury Home

Different people will have different definitions of what makes a luxury home. For many, it will be all about the quality of the materials and finishes. For others, it will be the sense of comfort and calm the space provides. And for some, it will purely be a matter of cost – the more expensive, the more luxurious.

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How Home Design Trends Have Responded to COVID-19


12 Insightful Questions to Ask Before Designing Your Dream Home


A block of land has various qualities and characteristics to consider when designing your home. It’s important to know what they are and to be aware of the potential impact and design restrictions they incur.

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Avoid a Build Budget Blowout with These Practical Tips


8 Ways to Find a Quality Builder That You Can Trust

Furniture Designer

Custom Home Design vs Project Home: Some Pros and Cons

Couple and Builder

Create A Great Working Relationship with Your Builder

It is no secret that the team here at Carmel Homes are big fans of French Provincial designs. We love the sense of refined comfort and the classic styling that feels both luxurious and relaxing. 


But, to us, one of the most impressive things about this style has to be how dynamic it is. While there are key features critical to nailing the look, there is also plenty of flexibility. Designers and homeowners alike are also increasingly marrying French Provincial with other styles.


This means that the style is always evolving, and there are always new design trends arising. Style blogs are a great way to stay across the latest developments, providing a wealth of information and tips. Here we share some of our favourite Australian style blogs that feature pieces on French Provincial homes.

French Provincial House.jpg

9 Amazing Australian Interior Designers

Roof Construction

Light Weight vs Heavy Weight

Home Decor

Remembering the Little Things

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Choosing the Right Block for Your Dream Home

Choosing the right location to buy your investment property is one of the overriding factors in the potential success you will have in relation to financial gains. Buying property in a less desirable location may be cheaper, however you may find it difficult to attract tenants. 

Likewise, the type of property you buy needs to be appropriate for the demographic of the area you are buying in. You need to consider whether you are catering to an aging population, young couple with no kids, families etc.

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